PLAYSWEETS is a company founded in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2019 by two like-minded partners who care about children’s development.

We care about what our children and other kids do in their spare time, what their leisure options are, how they explore the world around them, with what kind of food they are provided quality-wise, how their mind develops and how the foundation for reasoning, intellect, imagination and capability for learning is laid.

We clearly see our mission as the creation of an efficient multi-faceted environment for children’s learning and development through the use of advanced knowledge of child psychology and latest learning techniques.

On the one hand, like any commercially operating company, we consider the business component not only important but crucial for the enterprise’s development. On the other hand, we specifically aim to focus on pioneering a completely new concept of art kits for children in the market because we could not find an alternative solution in stores for our kids.

Our business team is already expanding steadily, and we believe further growth will result in us reaching all the goals we are pursuing while our children’s daily life will be enriched with fresh colours and new emotions which will, at the same time, contribute to their all-round development.

If you are inspired by our mission, we would very much like to meet you.