If you are a representative of a distributor, store or chain, do not miss this unique opportunity to make the entirely new
concept of learning environment and child development which PLAYSWEETS kits provide a part of your range. We believe that PLAYSWEETS kits will consistently remain one of the most attractive and best-selling products in you range.


TO ENSURE SALE SUCCESS, we have been paying
great attention to customer experience at all the stages
of the sales process:

1. getting attention: promotion of the products in the region where you are operating;

2. consumer engagement in purchase upon seeing the product: colourful eye-catching design and unique selling pitch;

3. kit unboxing: special inserts in the box placed in a logical and understandable manner;

4. modelling: high-quality components and promotion of learning in the form of instructions as well as a brief description of the animal, its habitat, etc.;

5. eating: excellent palatability and texture of high-quality marzipan and chocolate;

6. after eating: collectible sticker albums for stickers with the images of the characters to be found in the kits.

We are creating an integrated child development ecosystem and culture around the PLAYSWEETS brand.

What comes into focus as especially important properties of our products is emotional contact and engagement, which are carefully designed in the minutest details of each kit.

We dedicate a great amount of time to collaboration with child psychologists in groups and to studying the core aspects of the psychological behaviour model of children aged 3-12 in certain groups.

To facilitate the sales process for stores and distributors, we have developed detailed guidelines and instructions for the effective presentation and promotion of our products.

In our work, we attach fundamental importance to the viral reach of recommendations of PLAYSWEETS kits. Our ultimate slogan is “Every Mom and Dad on planet Earth must know about high-quality PLAYSWEETS art and learning kits for children!”

Currently applications can be submitted for the competition for the right of exclusive distribution of PLAYSWEETS kits in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Please send your offers concerning cooperation proposals by e-mail to Please state “Distribution (country or region)” in the subject line and provide as detailed a description of your company as you can, including information on when it was founded, which brands its portfolio comprises, whether there are any exclusive distribution rights, to which retail points it delivers, and which quantities of our products you are planning to order.